We provide solutions that meet your needs

EDV Service Mitarbeiter

Services we provide:

New Equipment Purchase consulting:
We evaluate your needs and we come up with the best options to meet your needs.
Backup Solutions:
Are Backup solutions are not the cheapest ones, but they will save you time and money in a long run.


We can diagnose any system or software and usually replace it same day at the best price available.

Virus removal:

Not all Viruses are created equal. Many companies charge a flat rate for a virus removal without even knowing what kind of virus it is, Many time if they encounter a vicious virus they will erase everything without trying to recover your data. We evaluate if virus is light or vicious and determine what actions can be taken and at what cost.

Network/Internet connection Setup:

Ready to get connected to the Web? We can setup your router & computer so that you be surfing in no time. We can assist you on what hardware to buy or you can choose to buy from us. Some time we offer best prices sometimes we don’t. we will let you know your options

Custom build Systems:

We build to your needs so that you can take full advantage of its power because it was made just for you. PC’s like HP, Dell and Toshiba are build using cheap parts and often break faster. They also charge Extras for every little thing that you may want to change.
We shop for the pest parts at the best price so that you can have high performance Machine at a lower cost.


We can recycle you old equipment and sometime we can give you incentives towards new equipment.
Please contact us for more information and we be more than glad to evaluate your situation.



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